Maestro’s Classic Beard Care Products

As a dad with a beard, I’ve been constantly looking for quality beard care products.  Well, one day, I was surfing Instagram and Facebook, and ran across Maestro’s Classic Beard Care Products.  After doing some research on them, I knew I wanted some.  They offer three different blends of Beard Wash and Beard Butter; “Modest Blend”, “Spirited Blend”, and “Mark of a Man Blend”.  The “Modest Blend” is formulated to be fragrance free, the “Spirited Blend” has a blend of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Juniper Berry, and the “Mark of a Man Blend” has a blend of Grapefruit, Black Pepper, and Bergamot.  Each blend comes in either a small or regular sized order.


I opted to acquire the small “Mark of a Man” blend set, and one of their cool wooden combs.




I got the product just 4 short days ago, but I have used it every morning since I got it, and I felt like that gave me a good base for a review of the products received.  When I first opened up the beard wash and beard butter, I was impressed with the aroma the products put out.  It really did smell pretty MANLY!  The first thing I noticed after using the beard wash was that my beard hairs did not feel nearly as coarse as they normally did.  I then applied beard butter, and noticed immediately that all my longer and stray beard hairs stayed neatly groomed to my face, and the products made my beard smell GREAT!  


The awesome wooden comb is on a completely different level in terms of beard combs.  It’s a solid chunk of pearwood, and works flawelessly.

Bottom line, I am pretty sure I’ve found my new beard care go to products.  Not only is the company top notch in customer service (They answered any questions I had very quickly), they also ship fast, and the product is awesome!  I highly recommend you check out Maestro’s Classic beard products!  I’ve included links to their website, facebook page and instagram below:






Until next time,




4 thoughts on “Maestro’s Classic Beard Care Products

  1. Great blog post and it is nice to see this company getting some traction from the blog community! I too have the beard wash and beard butter (spirited blend) and my face has never felt this amazing! It is hard to find products that deliver, and Maestro’s has found it! Definitely a return customer!!

  2. Ask maestro

  3. Got my “mark of a man” set in a few weeks ago, and wonder how I made it this long without it. Absolutely love me some maestro’s!

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