New Career Adventures

A week from tomorrow, I will begin a new path in my career with my current company.  I will still be in management, but I will be going through an 18 month program, which will give me all of the tools I need to be a shop supervisor for the truck leasing company that I work for.  I am currently managing a rental department for the same company.  My wife and I talked about this new position, and I thought about it long and hard before I decided to apply.  It has it’s benefits, but also has some downfalls.  For me, the benefits outweigh the downfalls enough to make it worth it.  There will be some sacrifices, and I may have a longer commute once I get placed as a shop supervisor after the program is over.  I am also losing a company car (not a big deal, as the fuel mileage in that car was ridiculously horrible, and I had to pay for gas).  Along with that, during the training program, I have to go where ever they decide to place me within the area.  This means I could be commuting as far as 85 miles each way, but again, the positives outweigh the negatives here.  The pay for the duration of the training program is around 28% more than I am currently making.  On top of that, one of my biggest hurdles at my current job is our requirement to do cold calls and sales calls.  I’m not a salesman.  Never have been, never will be.  I can do all the operational aspects of my job pretty easily, but sales have never come easy to me.  With this new job, sales is out of the question.  Once the training program is over, my salary bumps up to roughly 65% more than I am currently making in my job.  For those of you doing any kind of math, you realize that a 65% increase in pay is a significant jump.


As I sit and reflect on the move that I am about to make, I realize a couple of things. Firstly, I am blessed to work for a great company who does things right, and promotes from within the organization.  Secondly, this new job is going to be a struggle as it might mean working graveyard shifts and weekends, but the increase in pay should make it worth it for the most part.  I am excited for this new venture to begin, and can’t wait to see what new things I learn, and what new challenges this position will offer!


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Happy Birthday Paige Marie!


Paige, the day she was born.

Paige, the day she was born.


As I sit here, waiting for my coffee to brew, in the quiet of my house, where my wonderful wife, and my now 2 year old daughter are sleeping down stairs, I wonder where the time has gone.  2 years ago today, our daughter,  Paige Marie,  was born.  I remember when she was born, my mom said to me, ” Just wait, you’ll see how fast they grow up.”  I still didn’t believe her, and she’d told me numerous times that kids growing up happens in the blink of an eye.  Well, she was right.  I can’t believe it’s already been 2 years since Paige was born, but it’s been the best 2 years of my life!  Watching her grow, learn, develop, play, and be just plain crazy has been a blessing beyond measure.








We’ve done a lot together as a family, even though it feels like I’m constantly away working.  

Paige, thank you for being the incredible blessing that you are, and know that Mom and Dad both love you more than you can ever imagine!


Happy 2nd Birthday beautiful girl!!



Maestro’s Classic Beard Care Products

As a dad with a beard, I’ve been constantly looking for quality beard care products.  Well, one day, I was surfing Instagram and Facebook, and ran across Maestro’s Classic Beard Care Products.  After doing some research on them, I knew I wanted some.  They offer three different blends of Beard Wash and Beard Butter; “Modest Blend”, “Spirited Blend”, and “Mark of a Man Blend”.  The “Modest Blend” is formulated to be fragrance free, the “Spirited Blend” has a blend of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Juniper Berry, and the “Mark of a Man Blend” has a blend of Grapefruit, Black Pepper, and Bergamot.  Each blend comes in either a small or regular sized order.


I opted to acquire the small “Mark of a Man” blend set, and one of their cool wooden combs.




I got the product just 4 short days ago, but I have used it every morning since I got it, and I felt like that gave me a good base for a review of the products received.  When I first opened up the beard wash and beard butter, I was impressed with the aroma the products put out.  It really did smell pretty MANLY!  The first thing I noticed after using the beard wash was that my beard hairs did not feel nearly as coarse as they normally did.  I then applied beard butter, and noticed immediately that all my longer and stray beard hairs stayed neatly groomed to my face, and the products made my beard smell GREAT!  


The awesome wooden comb is on a completely different level in terms of beard combs.  It’s a solid chunk of pearwood, and works flawelessly.

Bottom line, I am pretty sure I’ve found my new beard care go to products.  Not only is the company top notch in customer service (They answered any questions I had very quickly), they also ship fast, and the product is awesome!  I highly recommend you check out Maestro’s Classic beard products!  I’ve included links to their website, facebook page and instagram below:






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It’s catch up time…

Ok, so I know it’s been WAY too long since I’ve written a blog here.  There have been A LOT of changes and craziness in our lives, but it’s all been good change, so I can’t complain.  Paige is almost 2 (8 more days to go, as of this writing).  I can’t believe how fast she is growing up.  Here are a couple of pictures, one a day or two after she was born, and the other is one I took just the other day… It’s AMAZING how fast these kids grow up.  My parents always said that my brother and I grew up so fast, and I never believed it, until I had a child of my own..





On top of watching my baby daughter grow up, at what seems like the speed of light, I’m also in the process of changing career paths.  I’m still working with the same company, just a different side of the company, in maintenance, instead of the rental department.  It took a lot of talking and deep thought before I decided to apply for this position.  It meant a significant increase in pay, but it also meant I lose a company car, and I had to go buy a new commuter vehicle.  Once I found out that I had gotten the position, I started my hunt for a new commuter vehicle, and settled on a 2014 Hyundai Accent SE with a 6 speed manual transmission.  I have not yet started my new position, as they are working on finding my replacement before I can move on, but at least I will be ready once I have to give up my company car:





I’ve only put about 900 miles on the car since I bought it, but I am loving every minute of it so far, and the great fuel mileage doesn’t hurt either!  This new position also means I may end up working graveyard shifts, and may have a long commute depending on where I end up being placed, but the increase in pay was significant enough that it made it worth it to apply and interview for the position.  I am excited to get started in my new position, which should happen sometime in the next couple of weeks.

On another note, my wonderful wife has jumped into the art of weaving hand woven wraps for baby wearing.   She is AMAZING at what she does, and is working on getting everything completed to start up a business, making and selling hand woven wraps.  Please check out her store at and her facebook page at  

All in all, there have been a lot of good changes around the Bearded Dad household, but so far, they’ve all been good!  I’ll do my best to keep up on this blog from now on!


Thanks for reading!