Whatever it Takes.

I’ll tell you right now, you’ll either love this post, or you’ll hate it.  It’s been on my mind a lot lately, so I felt I should put something down.  As with most red-blooded males in this country, my family is my life.  I cherish every moment I get to be with them, and in my case, I will do whatever it takes to protect them as well as my property, should it be in jeopardy at any point.  I guess it should also be known that I am a conservative white male, who believes it is an American RIGHT to keep and bear arms.  Now, that being said, I do believe that keeping guns out of the hands of convicted felons is necessary for a variety of reasons.  I DO NOT believe, however, that banning “Assault Rifles” is necessary, nor is creating a “Gun Free Zone” around schools/parks/government buildings.  My view is this, if you are proven to be a responsible American citizen who just so happens to enjoy heading out to the local gun range, or somewhere on your private property to shoot things, and you like to do it quickly, I don’t see why you should be banned from owning whatever firearm you choose.

The latest trend I’m seeing on the news is the creation of “Gun Free Zones”.  These zones are put in place at schools and parks, and I’m sure if it’s not done already, soon it will be government buildings.  This seems utterly pointless to me.  Do you really think a criminal with the intent of walking into a school to harm some people is going to see this sign that says “Gun Free Zone”, and think to himself “Gee, it’s a gun free zone here, I better just turn around and go home.”?  If you believe that’s how it will play out, I also have some ocean front property in Arizona I’d like to sell you.  In my opinion, all a “Gun Free Zone” is going to do, is make it impossible for a school guard, or teacher or principle to defend themselves and their students, all the while, the criminal or shooter will just walk in and start shooting, with no fear of repercussion.
I strongly believe in the 2nd Amendment, and I will defend our right’s as citizens to keep it.  I personally own two firearms.  I own a 12 gauge shotgun, and a 9mm pistol.  I keep them both locked up, and I practice safety first.  As a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment, I am constantly reading up on news surrounding guns.  With the last shooting that happened at LAX International Airport, I can tell you, it’s only a matter of time before the government tries more gun grabbing techniques.  Here is the part of this that makes no sense to me.  If someone gets killed by a drunk driver, the driver is the one that gets blamed, not the car.  If someone is obese, it’s usually their eating habits to blame, not the utensils that they used to eat with.  So, given that logic, when a shooting happens, why do we so quickly place the blame on guns, and try to take those away from the people that use them sensibly, when it’s the SHOOTER that caused the problem, and IS the problem?  Making it increasingly more difficult to legally purchase a gun, is NOT going to stop these shootings.  Do you think the shooters that committed these heinous crimes legally owned the guns that they used to carry out these shootings?  Do a little research, and you’ll see that in most, if not all, cases, the guns were not legally owned by the shooters carrying out the acts of violence.

Part of being a legal gun owner, and in my opinion, a 2nd Amendment supporter, is to be a responsible gun owner, with safety at the forefront of gun ownership.  Like I mentioned, there are multiple guns in my household, but each one is locked up, and out of reach of my child, and the ammunition is kept separate from the guns, with the guns unloaded.  Guns are a huge responsibility, but I will continually defend our right to have them.

If you get nothing out of this blog post, walk away with this.  Guns are a great tool for protecting your family, as well as lots of fun at the local range, and when used properly, are incredibly valuable to have at your side.  This next statement may cause me to lose some followers (not that I have many to begin with).  I am such a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and the right to defend, if you come onto my property, and try to disarm me, you’ll be taking my guns out of my cold dead hands.


Molon Labe.