Grovia Cloth Diaper Review


Paige showing off the flexibility she has with Grovia diapers.

It’s been just over a year since Paige was born.  When she was first born, she was wearing disposable diapers, and we owned an Arm and Hammer diaper pail to keep the smell at a reasonable level.  We got a TON of disposable diapers from our baby shower, so we used those for the first 2 months of so of Paige’s existence, and put up with the smell, and changing out the diaper pail bag every couple of days.  Then we ran out of the “free” diapers we’d gotten from the baby shower, and had to start purchasing them on our own.  My wife had been doing research on cloth diapers, and after buying a couple of boxes of disposables, and realizing that we would be buying them WAY too often, we got more serious about cloth diaper research.  After lots of looking, and reading lots of reviews, we bought a bunch of Grovia Hybrids with a mixture of snap closures and velcro closures.


I will admit, at first thought, I wasn’t really sold on the idea of cloth diapers.  I will say, the initial investment is not something to sneeze at.  We have probably close to $500 invested in cloth diapers and accessories at this point, and we put it all in up front.  That’s not always an easy pill to swallow, but now having cloth diapered for just over a year at this point, I am convinced that we have saved money in the long run by investing money up front on these cloth diapers.

My initial reaction when my wife told me she was interested in cloth diapering was not one of support.  I was happy with the easiness of tossing a diaper in the diaper pail when we were done, then taking out the bag when it was full.  After about a week of cloth diapering, it became apparent that I would have to eat my words.  No more leaking diapers, no more stinky bags of diapers to pull out of the diaper pail, and with some deodorizing spray and a Grovia wet bag to put the diapers in after we changed Paige, there was no smell at all.  Like I said previously, it’s been just over a year since we started on the cloth diapers, and we are glad we went with Grovia.  They are durable, virtually leak proof, and easy to maintain.  That being said, I think the only “downside” to them is that after a year, the diaper shells with the velcro enclosures are starting to wear out.  The velcro itself is not sticking as well as it used to.  That being said, there’s an easy fix.  You can send in your velcro shells to Grovia and for $5 they will convert them to snaps for years of future use.  That’s what we plan on doing shortly.  The Grovia diapers work similar to other cloth diapers on the market.  They have an outer shell and then a snap in absorbent pad.  This is nice because when you change the diaper, if the shell is not wet, you can just unsnap the pad, and re-use the shell at a later time.

imagesOverall, we are very impressed with the quality, fit and finish of Grovia products.  The best part about cloth diapering is that while the initial investment is steep, cloth diapers can be used on Paige, and then if we decide to have another child down the road, we can use them on the next child as well!  While I wasn’t initially on board with the idea of cloth diapering, I now wouldn’t have it any other way, and that’s all thanks to the quality product that Grovia makes.  In short, if you are an expecting parent, or have a little one in disposable diapers, I urge you to do a little research and look into Grovia cloth diaper products.  They have been great for us, and I’d recommend them to anyone!


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