Baby Wearing World Record 2013

My wife and I haven’t been parents long, and we may not know what all the correct choices are, or what’s best for our child all the time, but we do know one thing.  Baby Wearing has been immensely helpful to both us and our daughter, and has caused our bond as parent and child to be stronger.  Not only is baby wearing convenient when out and about or running errands, it’s a lot less cumbersome than hauling around a stroller and all the necessary equipment for transporting a baby when you’re out and about.  Another added benefit to baby wearing is that your arms don’t get tired, like they would if you were holding your child in your arms, and you have both arms free to use for whatever else you may need to carry.


We had originally looked at attending MommyCon in Los Angeles, just because it looked like it would be a cool event where we could learn a lot about parenting, but unfortunately, it wasn’t in the cards for us to pay to go.  While researching MommyCon and seeing what it was all about, we came across the Baby Wearing World Record event that was set to take place just before MommyCon, and best of all, it was FREE to register.  So of course, we jumped on that chance, and registered.  We just kept thinking about how cool it would be to be a part of the largest, record breaking group of baby wearers.  Shortly after we registered, my wife was talking to her friend Amanda, fellow mom, and baby wearer, as well as the writer of the awesome Mommy Mandy blog.  Amanda mentioned that she had been talking to Lillebaby carriers about being on “Team Lillebaby” for the event, and she pulled some strings for us, and got us in touch with the crew from Lillebaby so we could get setup to be on their team.  So, Thanks Amanda for the awesome opportunity.  If you’d like to take a look at my thoughts on the Lillebaby Complete Carrier, check it out here!


With all of that being said, let’s talk a little bit about the Baby Wearing World Record.  With our Lillebaby Complete Carrier in hand, my wife and I drove from our house to the Los Angeles Convention Center, which was about a 2 hour drive.  Once we got there, and figured out where to park, we went and got in line for registration of the baby wearing world record.  My wife had originally registered both her and me for this event, but when we got up there, they said that since we only have 1 child, that only 1 parent would be able to participate.  Since Paige can’t seem to be away from mom for more than a minute at a time, we decided that she would take part in the event, and I would stay in the observation area and take pictures.  As we got there, the first thing we did was find where the crew from Lillebaby Carriers was hanging out, and checked in with them.  We were handed a goody bag from Lillebaby with all sorts of fun stuff in it.  After that, we wandered over to a table with poster board and markers, and ran into Emily Knight from Our Knight LIfe, a fellow blogger who was instrumental in putting together Team Lillebaby.  Thank you Emily for helping with this event, and putting the team together!   We hung out for a good hour or so, before the festivities began.  We spent the majority of the time running around chasing Paige up and down the stage stairs.  Then, just before the event, the organizers of the event got on stage, gave away some swag.  The founders of both Beco baby carriers, and Ergo baby carriers stepped up to the stage to say a few words.


The time came for the world record to start.  There must have been over 1000 families with babies there participating.  I don’t have an exact number yet on the amount of people that participated, but I’m pretty certain, if there was a record for baby wearing, we smashed it out of the park at this event!  All of the participants got together, and walked down a hallway, and through the convention hall where Mommycon was being held.  All in all, the baby wearing world record was successful, and it got a lot of like minded parents together for a great cause.  I can’t wait to hear what the final numbers were for the event, and hopefully they do it again next year to try and break the record once again!


EDIT:  Just minutes after I published this blog post, I found out from fellow blogger MommyMandy, we had a total of 1003 baby wearers at the event!!!!!!!!  Way to go!




Lillebaby COMPLETE Original Baby Carrier


Anyone that reads this blog, or knows me, knows that the wife and I have a serious collection of woven wraps, and ssc’s (soft structured carriers); which are, of course, baby carriers!  I have found that woven wraps and ssc’s are both handy to have around.  The wife and I currently own a couple other ssc’s, and now, thanks to being on team Lillebaby with my wife for the Babywearing World Record, we own a Lillebaby Warm Orange Complete Original Baby Carrier.

Since my wife and I are on Team Lillebaby for the Babywearing World Record, I figured I would share some of my thoughts on this carrier, so here we go!

First impression:  

First thing I noticed with this carrier was that it was packaged immaculately, in a nice box with a carrying handle.  It came complete with great instructions, along with directions on how to use the carrier in different positions.  The color we got was a nice soft/burnt orange color, with a cream colored interior.  The quality of this carrier is excellent, and it looks like it’s going to be a great carrier that is fairly simple to use.

In Use:

The carrier was delivered to us just in time to head to Disneyland for a day of walking and babywearing, and I figured, what better way to test out the carrier than to go to the happiest place on earth and walk around all day?  For some reason, we had to park in the Simba parking lot, and walk all the way through Downtown Disney, just to get into the park, so we got in our fair share of testing before we even got to the gates!

Since I was the one taking the pictures to put up on the blog for review, and my daughter can’t seem to be more than five steps away from her mom for any length of time, my beautiful wife was the one doing most of the testing for the day.  I was asking her how she felt about this carrier, and how it compared to the other ssc’s that we currently have.  She seemed to find it to be just as comfy and easy to use as either of them, and she seemed to have no problems when our daughter wanted “milkies” (my wife breastfeeds, so I’ll leave it up to you to decipher what “milkies” means). She also used it for both front and back carries, and found it to be really comfortable in either position. (The Lillebaby also has the option to be converted into a narrow based, front facing carrier; but this position usually isn’t as ergonomically correct/comfortable for larger babies like our daughter, so we skipped it.) The wife would have loved to try the hip carry, but in all the excitement of the day, we simply ran out of time!

One neat feature the Lillebaby has that our other ssc’s lack is the adjustable neck support. If you have ever had a toddler with a floppy head fall asleep on your back, you know how handy this is. It can be snapped down to the body of the carrier when not needed, and then flipped up and snapped to the strap.  Really neat!

Our daughter spent A LOT of time in the carrier today, as we got there at about 8:30 a.m. and left at about 3:45 p.m.  She seemed to find it comfortable, and did not complain about it, as I’ve seen her do with other carriers.  I have personally tested it with our daughter on a few walks around the neighborhood, and I found it to be very easy to use, and very comfortable. My wife’s one request was a pocket, but she carts too much junk around anyway!


Overall Impression:  

Overall, I have found that the Lillebaby Complete Original Baby Carrier would be a great addition to any wrap or carrier stash.  Given the price point and the comfort level, I think it’s a carrier that everyone should have around.  They come in a wide variety of colors and are very easy to roll into a compact, easy to tote package when not in use.  If you’re looking for an easy to use carrier, that’s comfortable, and has a nice price point, Lillebaby’s Complete Original Baby Carrier should be at the top of your list!

*Disclaimer, this Lillebaby Complete Original Baby Carrier was given to me by Lillebaby for review, but the impressions and opinions on this carrier are completely my own.

Grovia Cloth Diaper Review


Paige showing off the flexibility she has with Grovia diapers.

It’s been just over a year since Paige was born.  When she was first born, she was wearing disposable diapers, and we owned an Arm and Hammer diaper pail to keep the smell at a reasonable level.  We got a TON of disposable diapers from our baby shower, so we used those for the first 2 months of so of Paige’s existence, and put up with the smell, and changing out the diaper pail bag every couple of days.  Then we ran out of the “free” diapers we’d gotten from the baby shower, and had to start purchasing them on our own.  My wife had been doing research on cloth diapers, and after buying a couple of boxes of disposables, and realizing that we would be buying them WAY too often, we got more serious about cloth diaper research.  After lots of looking, and reading lots of reviews, we bought a bunch of Grovia Hybrids with a mixture of snap closures and velcro closures.


I will admit, at first thought, I wasn’t really sold on the idea of cloth diapers.  I will say, the initial investment is not something to sneeze at.  We have probably close to $500 invested in cloth diapers and accessories at this point, and we put it all in up front.  That’s not always an easy pill to swallow, but now having cloth diapered for just over a year at this point, I am convinced that we have saved money in the long run by investing money up front on these cloth diapers.

My initial reaction when my wife told me she was interested in cloth diapering was not one of support.  I was happy with the easiness of tossing a diaper in the diaper pail when we were done, then taking out the bag when it was full.  After about a week of cloth diapering, it became apparent that I would have to eat my words.  No more leaking diapers, no more stinky bags of diapers to pull out of the diaper pail, and with some deodorizing spray and a Grovia wet bag to put the diapers in after we changed Paige, there was no smell at all.  Like I said previously, it’s been just over a year since we started on the cloth diapers, and we are glad we went with Grovia.  They are durable, virtually leak proof, and easy to maintain.  That being said, I think the only “downside” to them is that after a year, the diaper shells with the velcro enclosures are starting to wear out.  The velcro itself is not sticking as well as it used to.  That being said, there’s an easy fix.  You can send in your velcro shells to Grovia and for $5 they will convert them to snaps for years of future use.  That’s what we plan on doing shortly.  The Grovia diapers work similar to other cloth diapers on the market.  They have an outer shell and then a snap in absorbent pad.  This is nice because when you change the diaper, if the shell is not wet, you can just unsnap the pad, and re-use the shell at a later time.

imagesOverall, we are very impressed with the quality, fit and finish of Grovia products.  The best part about cloth diapering is that while the initial investment is steep, cloth diapers can be used on Paige, and then if we decide to have another child down the road, we can use them on the next child as well!  While I wasn’t initially on board with the idea of cloth diapering, I now wouldn’t have it any other way, and that’s all thanks to the quality product that Grovia makes.  In short, if you are an expecting parent, or have a little one in disposable diapers, I urge you to do a little research and look into Grovia cloth diaper products.  They have been great for us, and I’d recommend them to anyone!