Family Sickness


This whole week has been tough.  Not only for me, but for my wife, and for Paige as well.  At some point during this week, we all caught a bug that was going around, and resulted in a cold/fever/flu like symptoms.  It’s hard enough being sick by yourself, but when both parents are sick at the same time, it makes for an interesting week with a crazy 1 year old daughter who likes to get into anything and everything that she possibly can.  Originally, Paige caught this little bug, and then transferred it to us, and seemed to get better rather quickly.  It was almost like a 24 hour flu.  Her mom and I, however, were not so lucky.  We have both been fighting this for almost a week, and as of today, we are still both not at 100%.  We have been fortunate that my wife’s mother has recently retired, so she was more than happy to have some “Paige Time” so that we could just rest up a little bit.  It has not been fun, but I think we’ll make it.   It’s hard enough to take care of yourself when you aren’t feeling well, but chasing around a small child is a serious challenge, at least for me.  


On top of everything else, I had my right hand man at work off all week, and he will be off for a few more days next week, so I’ve had to put in some long hours there as well, which didn’t help the sickness go away.  On Thursday morning, I got up at 5 A.M., like I do most mornings, and I felt horrible.  I felt like my head was going to explode, and I was dizzy.  Did that stop me from heading to work?  Nope.  I got to work around 6 A.M., and managed to stick through it until about 10 A.M., where I just decided I’d had enough.  I told my boss I was not feeling well, and I headed home.  This was very strange for me, as I haven’t called in sick once in about the last 6-7 years.  Even after I got home, I was still answering work emails and phone calls I was getting from my crew, so I didn’t get much rest on my “sick” day.  Such is life.  The wife and I are still battling this as I type, but I am hoping that some rest this weekend will get us most of the way healed up.


Just a little bit about what’s been going on in our lives this week.


Until Next Time,



Baby Wearing and Disneyland



As I sit here at 7 am on a Sunday morning, with coffee in hand, I start to think about how cool it was to take my baby daughter (who’s just over 1 year old) to Disneyland with my wife and my parents.  It took a little work to get the details ironed out, but once we got it figured out, it was a smooth trip.  We decided that we were not going to bring the stroller for Paige.  Instead, we brought our Tula wrap conversion baby carrier, and it worked out great.  My mom even tried to carry Paige for a while, but it didn’t end well, since all Paige wants to do is be with her mom, constantly.  I carried her for a few minutes as well, but in the end, she just wanted to be with mom.

In my opinion, being able to baby wear instead of pushing a stroller around the entire park was a great thing.  Not only did it keep Paige and her mom close to each other, it also kept Paige calm, and we didn’t have to worry about where to put the stroller, or if the stroller was going to be in it’s same spot when we came back to it.

When Paige wasn’t in the carrier, we made sure she had her shoes on, and let her roam the park, with us keeping a close eye on her, of course.  It seemed to me that she had lots of fun running around, making new friends that were sitting at nearby benches, and just being a kid.


Overall, it was a good experience for Paige’s first time at Disneyland.  We didn’t have much luck getting to take pictures with Disney characters, but I think that’s because it was on a Wednesday, after most of the kids had gone back to school, and the park was pretty empty.  One thing I did get to do was go check out the new Cars land inside California Adventure.  It was pretty darn cool, and I think they did an excellent job recreating the scenes from the movie Cars.

Well, I hear her starting to wake up, so I better cut this short.  At any rate, a good time was had by all, so much so, that we upgraded our 1 day park hopper passes to annual passes, so we can come more often with Paige!