Another crazy week!

This week has been so full of ups and downs, I don’t really even know which way is up.  I’m gonna just start typing a little about the craziness and go from there.

We’ll start from last Saturday 6/22.  My Mom is retiring at the end of July, and moving back to Missouri with my Dad shortly after that.  I work in the truck rental and leasing business, so naturally, I was tasked with the procurement of a 26′ moving truck and car carrier for their move.  I picked up the truck and car carrier on that Saturday morning, and proceeded to make the drive 40 miles up to my parents house on the winding mountain roads.  If anyone has ever driven a truck that’s 30 feet long with a car trailer behind it, up winding mountain roads, you will know what kind of fun that was! (Insert sarcasm here).  After that, I proceeded to load boxes into the truck to help them start with the moving.  This continued until the evening on Saturday, at which point, I went home, and relaxed for a few hours.

Then Sunday was day number two of loading the truck, as well as loading my personal pickup truck full of goods that they no longer wanted so I could sell them at our upcoming yard sale.  By the end of that day, I was completely wiped out, but we still were not done.  I enjoyed the rest of the time I could with the family, and just relaxed. 

Monday was a typical work day, then I had bible study with the guys, like we do every Monday.

Tuesday I took a personal day to help with the heavy lifting of all the furniture out of my parents house.  I started at 7:30 AM and with the help of my dad, and a few other people, we managed to kick some serious tail, and get ALL the heavy stuff loaded, including an extremely heavy cast iron electric range, that serves as an outdoor plant holder.  That thing alone must weigh at least 1000 lbs!  We worked hard from 7:30am until about 7 pm. 

Wednesday…  This was a day of pushing my non-running Chevy S-10 out of the spot in the driveway that it had been for the last 5 years, and winching it onto the car carrier, so that my Dad could take it to Missouri and fix it, to sell it.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that this task, with enough bodies, was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Thursday… So my parents have a nice heavy duty outside shed at this house they sold, that they no longer wanted, so of course, I said I would take it.  In order for this to work at my house, I had to take out a 10 foot long 4×4 by unbolting a couple large bolts, and then prying with all my might to pry the block away from the deck with my crowbar.  This proved to be difficult because the board was also screwed down with deck screws in multiple locations.  After finally getting that done, I had to move a stand up freezer into my house that we also got from my parents.

Friday… Is today.  I walked into WAY too much stuff going on at work, when I got here at 6:15am.  When I leave here, assuming it’s a reasonable hour, I will head to my parents once again to get another load of stuff for the garage sale!

All in all, it’s been a very tiring yet rewarding week, with a mix of emotions going all over the place for me.  Sad to see my Mom’s belongings leave, sad to see my S10 leave, but happy my parents house sold quickly, and that my Mom is finally getting to head to Missouri!  This weekend is a whole different set of items to check off my to do list, and it’s back to the grind on Monday!  Just a little about my week, and hopefully someone enjoys reading this, but if not, it’s still nice to blow off some steam in written form!




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