Happy Birthday Paige!



Ok, so my intent was not to be constantly blogging, but since I started this blog when I did, I am going to put up one more quick little post, just to wish my baby girl, Paige, a HAPPY 10 month birthday!  Today marks 10 months to the day that she came into this world and made the lives of all of her family so very awesome!  From me and her Mom, to all of her Grandparents, we could not imagine being blessed in the way we have since she came into our lives! She is the center of the Universe for her mom and me!  She blesses us daily with the amazing things she does, and how fast she is growing!  It seems like just yesterday that her Mom and I decided we were going to have a baby.  Time FLIES by.  I hope she doesn’t forget that when she gets older.  Paige,  we love you more than you will ever know, and look forward to seeing how you develop into an awesome young woman!


All our Love!


Mom and Dad


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