Survival Expo at Glen Helen Regional Park



This weekend, I decided to take the family down to Glen Helen Regional park, to check out a Survival Expo that is put on by the San Bernardino County Parks Department.  I decided to go for a couple of reasons.  The number one reason was to see if there was anything we should be doing, that we aren’t doing.  I like to keep my family prepared for any type of disaster situation that might occur.  We found lots of great information, and lots of emergency plans to look at and model our own after.  The second reason I wanted to go was to meet a friend of mine (who I had only “met” online until now).  He is the owner of No Worries Prepper, a company that specializes in disaster preparedness and camping/outdoors equipment.  Their website is JUST launching, but if you want come cool gear at great prices, check out their Ebay store.


I have to say, there were quite a few vendors, although they all seemed to be selling similar items.  There were a couple of good disaster preparedness vendors there, as well as the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept, and the San Bernardino County Fire Dept.  Those two departments were handing out free flyers on emergency plans.  


All in all, we had a good time, although we only stayed for a couple of hours.  We learned quite a bit, and given that it was a free event (except for the $5 parking).  I would say, anyone who is serious about preparing for a natural disaster should go to the next one.  It was a fun time, and although it was a bit warm, it was very educational!



2 thoughts on “Survival Expo at Glen Helen Regional Park

  1. Hey, have you guys had Paige fingerprinted, or is she too young? When I was cleaning out the filing cabinet I came across the fingerprint cards for you and Brett that we had done at the Sheriff’s Dept. when you were kids and that’s what made me think of it. Just wondering. 🙂

  2. Hmm.. Haven’t done that yet.. We should probably do it soon!

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