Another crazy week!

This week has been so full of ups and downs, I don’t really even know which way is up.  I’m gonna just start typing a little about the craziness and go from there.

We’ll start from last Saturday 6/22.  My Mom is retiring at the end of July, and moving back to Missouri with my Dad shortly after that.  I work in the truck rental and leasing business, so naturally, I was tasked with the procurement of a 26′ moving truck and car carrier for their move.  I picked up the truck and car carrier on that Saturday morning, and proceeded to make the drive 40 miles up to my parents house on the winding mountain roads.  If anyone has ever driven a truck that’s 30 feet long with a car trailer behind it, up winding mountain roads, you will know what kind of fun that was! (Insert sarcasm here).  After that, I proceeded to load boxes into the truck to help them start with the moving.  This continued until the evening on Saturday, at which point, I went home, and relaxed for a few hours.

Then Sunday was day number two of loading the truck, as well as loading my personal pickup truck full of goods that they no longer wanted so I could sell them at our upcoming yard sale.  By the end of that day, I was completely wiped out, but we still were not done.  I enjoyed the rest of the time I could with the family, and just relaxed. 

Monday was a typical work day, then I had bible study with the guys, like we do every Monday.

Tuesday I took a personal day to help with the heavy lifting of all the furniture out of my parents house.  I started at 7:30 AM and with the help of my dad, and a few other people, we managed to kick some serious tail, and get ALL the heavy stuff loaded, including an extremely heavy cast iron electric range, that serves as an outdoor plant holder.  That thing alone must weigh at least 1000 lbs!  We worked hard from 7:30am until about 7 pm. 

Wednesday…  This was a day of pushing my non-running Chevy S-10 out of the spot in the driveway that it had been for the last 5 years, and winching it onto the car carrier, so that my Dad could take it to Missouri and fix it, to sell it.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that this task, with enough bodies, was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Thursday… So my parents have a nice heavy duty outside shed at this house they sold, that they no longer wanted, so of course, I said I would take it.  In order for this to work at my house, I had to take out a 10 foot long 4×4 by unbolting a couple large bolts, and then prying with all my might to pry the block away from the deck with my crowbar.  This proved to be difficult because the board was also screwed down with deck screws in multiple locations.  After finally getting that done, I had to move a stand up freezer into my house that we also got from my parents.

Friday… Is today.  I walked into WAY too much stuff going on at work, when I got here at 6:15am.  When I leave here, assuming it’s a reasonable hour, I will head to my parents once again to get another load of stuff for the garage sale!

All in all, it’s been a very tiring yet rewarding week, with a mix of emotions going all over the place for me.  Sad to see my Mom’s belongings leave, sad to see my S10 leave, but happy my parents house sold quickly, and that my Mom is finally getting to head to Missouri!  This weekend is a whole different set of items to check off my to do list, and it’s back to the grind on Monday!  Just a little about my week, and hopefully someone enjoys reading this, but if not, it’s still nice to blow off some steam in written form!




This week in Dad Adventures



It’s Friday, so I decided to ramble a little about my week in parenting.  When I was a kid, my parent’s always told me “Wait until you have your own kids, and you’ll understand”.  This sentence was usually muttered when my brother and I had done something that they didn’t approve of, or we were just being uruly.  It usually pertained to Mom and Dad chasing us down, and keeping us from hurting ourselves when we tried to do stupid things, like Evil Kinevil style jumps off the couch, or pretending like we were WWF (or WWE for you younger people) wrestlers in the living room.  My daughter is only 10 months old, but in my head, I keep hearing that phrase.  I hear it over, and over and over again.  Paige is now walking on her own, and this has somehow made her more curious than ever.  She gets into things, climbs up on things, and falls off of things. 

Being a working Dad, I am only home in the evenings to witness these antics.  I can only imagine how my wonderful wife feels.  She chases that little girl around all day, protecting her from falling off the fireplace, or in the case of yesterday, trying to climb into the dishwasher.  Once I get home, I try and take over “Paige Duty” as we call it, since my wife has been at it since 7:00 AM.  The lack of fear, and amount of courage that this little girl has is amazing.  I think part of the reason she has this fear is because she hasn’t really experienced the consequences of doing things, like climbing onto the fireplace.  The consequence there is, she’ll probably fall off, and Mom and Dad won’t let that happen.  I guess my question is, when DO you just let things happen, so they can know that things have consequences?  Let’s not get crazy here.. I’m not going to let her crawl into the dishwasher, or anything insane like that. 

I guess that’s what parenting is all about though.  Not only is this Paige’s first shot at being a kid, but it’s also my first shot at being a Dad.  I suppose we’ll both learn together.  We’ll both make mistakes together, and we’ll both conquer things together.  Once she gets older, I’m sure I’ll be right there with her, helping her build forts out of couch cushions, teaching her how to ride her bike without training wheels, and then teaching her how to drive MY car.  The scary part is, all of that stuff is right around the corner, I’m afraid.


Until Next Time,


Happy Birthday Paige!



Ok, so my intent was not to be constantly blogging, but since I started this blog when I did, I am going to put up one more quick little post, just to wish my baby girl, Paige, a HAPPY 10 month birthday!  Today marks 10 months to the day that she came into this world and made the lives of all of her family so very awesome!  From me and her Mom, to all of her Grandparents, we could not imagine being blessed in the way we have since she came into our lives! She is the center of the Universe for her mom and me!  She blesses us daily with the amazing things she does, and how fast she is growing!  It seems like just yesterday that her Mom and I decided we were going to have a baby.  Time FLIES by.  I hope she doesn’t forget that when she gets older.  Paige,  we love you more than you will ever know, and look forward to seeing how you develop into an awesome young woman!


All our Love!


Mom and Dad

Survival Expo at Glen Helen Regional Park



This weekend, I decided to take the family down to Glen Helen Regional park, to check out a Survival Expo that is put on by the San Bernardino County Parks Department.  I decided to go for a couple of reasons.  The number one reason was to see if there was anything we should be doing, that we aren’t doing.  I like to keep my family prepared for any type of disaster situation that might occur.  We found lots of great information, and lots of emergency plans to look at and model our own after.  The second reason I wanted to go was to meet a friend of mine (who I had only “met” online until now).  He is the owner of No Worries Prepper, a company that specializes in disaster preparedness and camping/outdoors equipment.  Their website is JUST launching, but if you want come cool gear at great prices, check out their Ebay store.


I have to say, there were quite a few vendors, although they all seemed to be selling similar items.  There were a couple of good disaster preparedness vendors there, as well as the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept, and the San Bernardino County Fire Dept.  Those two departments were handing out free flyers on emergency plans.  


All in all, we had a good time, although we only stayed for a couple of hours.  We learned quite a bit, and given that it was a free event (except for the $5 parking).  I would say, anyone who is serious about preparing for a natural disaster should go to the next one.  It was a fun time, and although it was a bit warm, it was very educational!


First time Baby Wearing with a wrap!

So, since my wife has become a stay at home mom, she’s become slightly obsessed with Baby wearing and all of the different wraps and styles of carriers one can purchase.  I have carried Paige around in the Ergo carrier before, which is pretty easy to operate, since it’s just a few buckles and a strap, but up until recently, I’d never tried using a woven wrap that my wife is so fond of.  One day last week, it was decided that we were going to go on a 2 mile walk.  I volunteered to take the baby, as long as my wife would agree to help me get wrapped up with Paige, since I’d never wrapped before.  After just a few minutes, we were all set to walk!


I have to say, that two mile walk was the best!  The baby felt so secure in the wrap, and it was comfortable for the both of us.  I am a new convert to woven wraps, and I can see this becoming a fun addiction.  Sure, a lot of guys will think it looks a little silly, but personally, I think it’s AWESOME!   If you haven’t looked at the possibility of baby wearing with a woven wrap, I suggest you give it a shot as soon as you can!